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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Famous Friday: Kate Bosworth

So, I recently decided to look up Kate Bosworth's street style on Pinterest. I know, super super random, but I was just wondering what she was looking like nowadays. Considering, I only ever think of her whenever I'm scrolling through channels and Blue Crush happens to be on. I used to love that movie. I never really thought of Kate Bosworth as super fashionable, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. She has such a great style. I'm kind of in love. That's why this Friday's Famous Friday, is going to Kate Bosworth. She still has her relaxed Cali girl style, but she also knows how to pull off a polished look. Kate seems to wear a lot of basic pieces, that anyone can get a hold of no matter how small of a budget they have. But, she keeps her outfits from looking boring by layering different items, playing with different textures, and playing with prints. I'm so glad that I decided to stalk her on Pinterest, because I'm totally going to be keeping an eye on her.

I love this relaxed outfit. It's perfect for just running around town doing errands.

I love this look, because of the different prints in the outfit, the fact that she used a pop of color, and that she layered with a vest. The added touch of the vest, seemed make the outfit more her style, which is always important.

This outfit is my favorite! (I mean duh) I'm in love with the leather motorcycle jacket, that has detail paneling on the shoulders. I just love how BA she looks.

Kate Bosworth's Style Steals Under $50
$14 Black Sunglasses // $30 White Trench // $30 Cream Sweater // $28.23 Black Pants // $40 Black Shopper Bag // $50 Black Booties

What do you think of Kate's street style?