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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Famous Friday: Kate Bosworth

So, I recently decided to look up Kate Bosworth's street style on Pinterest. I know, super super random, but I was just wondering what she was looking like nowadays. Considering, I only ever think of her whenever I'm scrolling through channels and Blue Crush happens to be on. I used to love that movie. I never really thought of Kate Bosworth as super fashionable, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. She has such a great style. I'm kind of in love. That's why this Friday's Famous Friday, is going to Kate Bosworth. She still has her relaxed Cali girl style, but she also knows how to pull off a polished look. Kate seems to wear a lot of basic pieces, that anyone can get a hold of no matter how small of a budget they have. But, she keeps her outfits from looking boring by layering different items, playing with different textures, and playing with prints. I'm so glad that I decided to stalk her on Pinterest, because I'm totally going to be keeping an eye on her.

I love this relaxed outfit. It's perfect for just running around town doing errands.

I love this look, because of the different prints in the outfit, the fact that she used a pop of color, and that she layered with a vest. The added touch of the vest, seemed make the outfit more her style, which is always important.

This outfit is my favorite! (I mean duh) I'm in love with the leather motorcycle jacket, that has detail paneling on the shoulders. I just love how BA she looks.

Kate Bosworth's Style Steals Under $50
$14 Black Sunglasses // $30 White Trench // $30 Cream Sweater // $28.23 Black Pants // $40 Black Shopper Bag // $50 Black Booties

What do you think of Kate's street style?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Famous Friday: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is the ultimate girl next door, that's why she's this week's Famous Friday. I love her style, because it's so relate able and not outlandish. It makes her seem like she would be so much fun to hang out with, grab lunch, and just have a girl's day with. Reese seems like the kind of girl that you would be super comfortable with, because she seems just like you when it comes to fashion. Her style is super easy to copy cat, if you would want to do that. Reese wears a lot of basic pieces, but she'll add a fun element into it, to keep it from being boring; She seems to really like play around with print and texture, which totally makes her outfits interesting.

This outfit is a super cute basic. She keeps it from looking too boring with the pops of reds, which makes the outfit more interesting. I'm in love with the chunky gold necklace!

This is totally the perfect outfit to wear while traveling! You want to make sure that you're dressed really cute and put together (I mean you never know who you could end up meeting), instead of just in sweatpants and an oversize tee shirt. This is perfect, because the cardigan great for traveling, but the leather panels on this just makes it even more chic! And also, the pointed to flats definitely take the outfit to a different level.

I am completely obsessed with this look, it is total perfection! The a line skirt is kept from looking too girly with this quilted motorcycle jacket, that even has leather detailing on the shoulders! Also, I love that she finished this outfit off with a pair of black booties and a structured handbag. This was definitely the perfect formula for the perfect outfit!

Reese Witherspoon's Looks $50 and Under

What's your favorite Reese Witherspoon look?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fashion from A to Z: E is for Elbow Patches

This past weekend was the perfect weather, to take me out of my winter slump. But, of course, the weather is back to being insane. I had to pull the sweaters back out that I though I might not have to see for awhile. Something that I did notice that I don't have in my closet, are anything with elbow patches. What. I need to get on that. Like two years ago. I love elbow patches, it's just a quirky fun detail that can make a sweater or cardigan special and different. I also love that you can do them in any fabric that you could ever imagine. This means leather. Which makes me a very very happy girl. Also, you can easily update any sweater or cardigan you've grown tired of, and DIY elbow patches on them! It's super easy and basically anyone can do it.

I love that this is a rectangle patch. It also doesn't hurt that it's leather, since I'm going to be marrying leather one day. I think that the patch adds a fun touch, to the otherwise, plain turtleneck. It's exactly what this outfit needed.

This outfit is total perfection. I love the striped shirt layered over the bright orange top. The camel leather patches are the icing the cake. It totally pulls this look together, because of the camel colored leather shoes.This would be perfect for a Saturday of adventures and exploring a new town.

I love this look, because the quilted J.Crew vest is totally killer and the elbow patches are just too perfect.

Elbow Patch Sweaters Under $50

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let's Go Fishing

The fisherman sweater has seem to become the winter staple this past season. I feel like I see every girl snuggled up in one on campus. This sweater is perfect to toss on for an effortless look. Sure, they can look a little sloppy, if they're not styled correctly. These sweaters can easily be dressed down (obviously), but surprisingly you can dress them "up" to make them look way more chic. When you buy this sweater, the fit is everything. You have to make sure that the sweater isn't too tight, since it's supposed to be a more relaxed fit. But, it can't be too loose, or else you run the risk of looking sloppy, and who wants that? These sweaters are guaranteed to stick around for fall and next winter, so stock up on them while you can. Or better yet, just wait for them to go on sale and buy them in bulk.

I'm completely obsessed with this look. It's like an over exaggerated school girl look, because of the over-sized collar and cable knit pattern in the sweater. I love the look of the sweater layered over top of a button up, because it adds so much chicness to it.

This outfit is great, because I love that the sweater is a tad over-sized, but it's still paired with a fun patterned skirt. It keeps the sweater from looking dowdy and adding imaginary weight to your midsection.

The sweater paired with the leggings and fur scarf  is seriously making me drool. This outfit is fantastic. I'm obsessed with the play on texture here and it totally allows the sweater to have a glamorous moment. Switching plain cotton leggings out for leather leggings, is the perfect way to take this outfit up a couple of notches.

Fisherman Sweaters Under $50

Where are your favorite places to buy fisherman sweaters from?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Famous Friday: Ashley Olsen

If you grew up during the reign of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, throughout the 90s and spilling into the 2000s, you were probably obsessed with everything that they were doing. You bet I watched all of their movies, tv shows, and read their book series, no matter how awful/cheesy they could be. Yes, I even find myself now searching for some of their old tv shows on YouTube. They have always been fashion icons and I coveted everything they wore. Do you remember their clothing line at Walmart? I was so jealous of my friends who had their clothes. But, now they are grown up and still rocking the fashion world with their different clothing lines, which are always on point. I will say, that I have always gravitated more to Ashley's style more than Mary Kate's, so that's why this Famous Friday is going out to Ashley! (Sorry MK). Ashley seems to have a more basic style, that is more relate able and can be worn in real life, than Mary Kate's. Ashley always looks so put together, no matter what. She also can go from a very put together look to dressing very bohemian, but she still manages to make the style to work. She is a true chameleon to fashion, and that is something very challenging to be able to accomplish. To me, she's such an amazing style inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks her's.

I love love love this casual look. Ashley managed to keep it from looking sloppy, by tucking in just the front of her shirt, and pairing the outfit with those gorgeous black sandals. Sure she's just running around doing errands, but she still looks put together and amazing. As usual.

This look is so great, because it plays with hard and soft textures, which is on of my favorite things to do. I love that the sheer top has the scalloped detail. But, it's kept from looking too girly, since it's paired with the leather pants. (You can never go wrong with leather pants when properly fitted). This outfit would be perfect for a night out with the girls.

This outfit is just perfect. I love the fit of the blouse paired with the pencil skirt. The skirt isn't too tight that it looks awkward. This outfit is perfect to wear to the office.

Ashley Olsen Under $50

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion A to Z: D is for Dressing Table

Okay. I know, I know that a dressing table isn't technically fashion, but oh well, because this is something great to have. A dressing table is a table designated for just getting you read, basically. You store your make up there, have your jewelry displayed there, or even have your hair stuff there. This makes it super easy to just have all of your getting ready items all in one place. You can also put all of the products you use everyday on "display", that way it's always in arms reach and you never loose it at the bottom of a random drawer. I decided to feature for this post, the Malm Dressing Table from Ikea, because it's such a great price for a great piece. It comes in white with a glass top sheet, so you can put pictures or whatever underneath and they won't get damaged. The price is $149, which is totally a steal for how sleek it looks and you can use it in so many different ways.

I love the colors used here. I feel like white mixed with gold and tans are so relaxing and timeless. I love the texture of the lamp bases and the fur cushion mixed with the sleekness of the dressing table. I can totally see this in a house by the beach.

I love the set up of this dressing table. I love that they have items on display and that they used a clear chair. Using a clear chair is a great idea, especially if you're working with a small space.

I love love love this set up. I love the cushion on the bench and the mirror. I also love how the picture frames are arranged like a gallery wall. This definitely brings me back to my childhood, because I would have loved to play dress up here and pretended like I was a princess.

Do you have a dressing table?

Put You Best Foot Forward

I have never been a huge fan of sneakers. My mom would have to fight with me to buy them when I was younger, because I just didn't like the looks of them (unless they were the slip on sneakers, because they were so in style). I can't really even say I really own any sneakers, now that I'm older and my mom doesn't buy my clothes anymore. They only sneakers I own are either my old Nfinity's from my all star cheerleading days, which I still use to do my every few month's work outs in, or my two converse sneakers. What I wear in replace of sneakers, are my Sperry's. I've never really found sneakers to be fashionable, including the high top wedges, I was never truly a fan. But, the tides are changing. I've been seeing some super cute sneakers out there, now that they've been spotted on the runways and people even wore them to Fashion Week. The trend is actually growing on me, surprisingly. I'm on the fencer about picking up a pair, and if I do, I  feel like it'll end up being something low cut and floral. I really do want to step out of my comfort zone this year and try something new. So, who knows? They may end up being my go to shoes.

This look is so great and unexpected, which makes it better. I  love that this would typically be paired with a pair of sky high heels or booties. I also love the fact that she went all out, because she definitely could have went with a black pair instead of the attention grabbing blue. She made sure that her sneakers are the spotlight of her outfit, and they certainly are.

I feel like for this outfit, the leather pants make it cool, but the white sneakers paired with it, makes it even cooler. I never really associated sneakers with the word chic, until now. This totally gives me hope.

This is the perfect example to show that you can totally pair sneakers with a super girly outfit. I feel that since she paired the skirt with the sneakers, it makes the outfit even more unique than it already is. I'm also really glad that she went with a more athletic sneaker, than a tennis shoe.

Sneakers $50 and Under

Starting at top and going clockwise: $50 Rope Ked // $24.94 Mint Old Navy // $49.95 Pink and Grey G by Guess // $47.05 Gola Glitter // $47.05 Diva Sneaker // $49.95 Grey and Pink New Balance // $50 Adida's HIgh Tops // $29.80 Floral High Tops // $47.05 Gola Glitter

Do you already have a pair of sneakers that you love to wear everyday?