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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Put You Best Foot Forward

I have never been a huge fan of sneakers. My mom would have to fight with me to buy them when I was younger, because I just didn't like the looks of them (unless they were the slip on sneakers, because they were so in style). I can't really even say I really own any sneakers, now that I'm older and my mom doesn't buy my clothes anymore. They only sneakers I own are either my old Nfinity's from my all star cheerleading days, which I still use to do my every few month's work outs in, or my two converse sneakers. What I wear in replace of sneakers, are my Sperry's. I've never really found sneakers to be fashionable, including the high top wedges, I was never truly a fan. But, the tides are changing. I've been seeing some super cute sneakers out there, now that they've been spotted on the runways and people even wore them to Fashion Week. The trend is actually growing on me, surprisingly. I'm on the fencer about picking up a pair, and if I do, I  feel like it'll end up being something low cut and floral. I really do want to step out of my comfort zone this year and try something new. So, who knows? They may end up being my go to shoes.

This look is so great and unexpected, which makes it better. I  love that this would typically be paired with a pair of sky high heels or booties. I also love the fact that she went all out, because she definitely could have went with a black pair instead of the attention grabbing blue. She made sure that her sneakers are the spotlight of her outfit, and they certainly are.

I feel like for this outfit, the leather pants make it cool, but the white sneakers paired with it, makes it even cooler. I never really associated sneakers with the word chic, until now. This totally gives me hope.

This is the perfect example to show that you can totally pair sneakers with a super girly outfit. I feel that since she paired the skirt with the sneakers, it makes the outfit even more unique than it already is. I'm also really glad that she went with a more athletic sneaker, than a tennis shoe.

Sneakers $50 and Under

Starting at top and going clockwise: $50 Rope Ked // $24.94 Mint Old Navy // $49.95 Pink and Grey G by Guess // $47.05 Gola Glitter // $47.05 Diva Sneaker // $49.95 Grey and Pink New Balance // $50 Adida's HIgh Tops // $29.80 Floral High Tops // $47.05 Gola Glitter

Do you already have a pair of sneakers that you love to wear everyday?

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