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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Coats Under $75

So,winter is still raging on. When is it going to end? I just wish that I would have chosen to go to a school in Florida or California, so I would have to deal with this. I have definitely been getting so much use out of all of my winter jackets. I usually just wear my white puffy North Face, but it just doesn't make me feel very fashionable wearing it. Luckily, this season has seemed to bring so many different cute winter coats, that I barely even use that North Face anymore, unless it's super cold (which has happened more than I would like). I love that now there are coats available that I don't feel bad wearing and having to cover up my really cute outfit underneath. This actually makes me not mind the cold as much as I used to, but I still do get very annoyed with it. Now fashionistas everywhere don't have to dread the cold as much, since outerwear for the winter has definitely stepped up it's game.

I love that this is shift coat, it's such a flattering shape on many different figures. I'm also in love with the color of the jacket. It can easily carry you into the spring season, since the color is pretty spot on.

This coat is complete perfection. I love the fact that it's quilted. It totally adds an unexpected fun texture to update an otherwise plain black coat.

I know that I said that the last jacket was fun, but this jacket is just so much fun. What girl doesn't love to add a little sparkle to her outfit? The jewels aren't overdone, but it's definitely the perfect touch to take this coat to a whole different level.

Winter Coats Under $75

What's your favorite winter coat?

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