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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fur Vests

A fur vest is the perfect addition to anyone's closet. They are so versatile, they can work during any season and work with anyone's wardrobe. For winter, they are especially great for layering over your favorite sweater, oxford, or dress. I love fur vests to add different textures to outfits and adding an unexpected twist. You can, honestly, throw a fur vest over any outfit and have it look fabulous. I personally haven't been able to find the perfect fur vest that fits my college budget, until now! Bellow are some fantastic vests, that can fit even the tiniest budget.

Fur Vests Under $100

$99 House of Fraser // $50 House of Fraser // $40 American Eagle
$30 American Eagle // $45 2bBebe

If you're a little stuck on exactly how to style a fur vest, no worries, it's actually pretty simple! Here are a few of my favorite outfits below.

I love how she played with different textures for her outfit. The leather pants are amazing paired with the animal print ankle boots. This outfit can easily be taken from day to night, which is always a huge plus.

This outfit is perfect for fall. I love all of the layering here and how she just tossed it over a jean jacket. This shows that you can do different combinations that you might not have thought of.

I'm a sucker for a leather motorcycle jacket and paired with a fur vest, I think my heart just skipped a beat. This outfit is my favorite, because of the layering with the lace dress, motorcycle jacket, and fur vest. It's such a perfect outfit to wear for the winter.

What's your favorite way to style a fur vest?


  1. This is such a great post! I have been debating getting a faux fur vest - I just might after reading this post!


    1. Thanks! And I'm glad to hear that you might pick one up now!