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Friday, February 21, 2014

Famous Friday: Ashley Olsen

If you grew up during the reign of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, throughout the 90s and spilling into the 2000s, you were probably obsessed with everything that they were doing. You bet I watched all of their movies, tv shows, and read their book series, no matter how awful/cheesy they could be. Yes, I even find myself now searching for some of their old tv shows on YouTube. They have always been fashion icons and I coveted everything they wore. Do you remember their clothing line at Walmart? I was so jealous of my friends who had their clothes. But, now they are grown up and still rocking the fashion world with their different clothing lines, which are always on point. I will say, that I have always gravitated more to Ashley's style more than Mary Kate's, so that's why this Famous Friday is going out to Ashley! (Sorry MK). Ashley seems to have a more basic style, that is more relate able and can be worn in real life, than Mary Kate's. Ashley always looks so put together, no matter what. She also can go from a very put together look to dressing very bohemian, but she still manages to make the style to work. She is a true chameleon to fashion, and that is something very challenging to be able to accomplish. To me, she's such an amazing style inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks her's.

I love love love this casual look. Ashley managed to keep it from looking sloppy, by tucking in just the front of her shirt, and pairing the outfit with those gorgeous black sandals. Sure she's just running around doing errands, but she still looks put together and amazing. As usual.

This look is so great, because it plays with hard and soft textures, which is on of my favorite things to do. I love that the sheer top has the scalloped detail. But, it's kept from looking too girly, since it's paired with the leather pants. (You can never go wrong with leather pants when properly fitted). This outfit would be perfect for a night out with the girls.

This outfit is just perfect. I love the fit of the blouse paired with the pencil skirt. The skirt isn't too tight that it looks awkward. This outfit is perfect to wear to the office.

Ashley Olsen Under $50

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  1. I used to watch their shows and movies all of the time! I agree the Olsens have a great sense of fashion!