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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fashion A to Z: B is for Blush

Spring is almost here! I am so so so excited, because according to a post of Facebook I saw today, only 26 more days until spring for Philly! So, I figured this would be the perfect time to post about wearing blush for spring. This color is going to be huge for the up and coming spring season. It just seems to embody what spring is. Well, at least to me. I find that since spring is the time of year, that the snow that has turned brown (yuck) melts away and the flowers are finally blooming, that it just brings out my super girly side. I mean, my girly side is always out, but I mean it's the perfect time to break out the pastels, and not feel like a child getting ready for Easter service. That's why blush is super perfect. It's the perfect shade of pink, that you can totally wear without feeling that way. Also, if you're not a huge fan of pastels, this is the perfect pink for you. The shades vary from a pastel to more of a powdery pink. I'm just so excited, that I'm probably going to wear a blush pink shirt tomorrow, to help give me a pick me up for this blah weather.

This outfit is so adorable! I love the pink jeans (I totally need to pick up a pair) paired with the white and cream, it's probably one of my favorite color combinations. This outfit would be great to wear to go shopping with the girls or even for a lunch date with someone special.

I'm totally in love with this outfit! The shape of the dress and just how it falls on her frame, is just perfection. I also love how she wore black tights and the black wedge booties with this. It makes the outfit look more like it's for fall, which shows how the dress is very versatile.

This outfit is totally perfect for when you do want to wear blush pink, but want to go for a more edgy look. I, of course, love the leather pants paired with the satin top, and how it's topped off with the blush pink blazer. This would be totally get to wear for going out.

Blush Spring Finds Under $50

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