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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let's Go Fishing

The fisherman sweater has seem to become the winter staple this past season. I feel like I see every girl snuggled up in one on campus. This sweater is perfect to toss on for an effortless look. Sure, they can look a little sloppy, if they're not styled correctly. These sweaters can easily be dressed down (obviously), but surprisingly you can dress them "up" to make them look way more chic. When you buy this sweater, the fit is everything. You have to make sure that the sweater isn't too tight, since it's supposed to be a more relaxed fit. But, it can't be too loose, or else you run the risk of looking sloppy, and who wants that? These sweaters are guaranteed to stick around for fall and next winter, so stock up on them while you can. Or better yet, just wait for them to go on sale and buy them in bulk.

I'm completely obsessed with this look. It's like an over exaggerated school girl look, because of the over-sized collar and cable knit pattern in the sweater. I love the look of the sweater layered over top of a button up, because it adds so much chicness to it.

This outfit is great, because I love that the sweater is a tad over-sized, but it's still paired with a fun patterned skirt. It keeps the sweater from looking dowdy and adding imaginary weight to your midsection.

The sweater paired with the leggings and fur scarf  is seriously making me drool. This outfit is fantastic. I'm obsessed with the play on texture here and it totally allows the sweater to have a glamorous moment. Switching plain cotton leggings out for leather leggings, is the perfect way to take this outfit up a couple of notches.

Fisherman Sweaters Under $50

Where are your favorite places to buy fisherman sweaters from?

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